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Meet Our Veterinary Team

Meet the Steckelberg Veterinary Clinic Staff:

Ashlen, Veterinary Recpetionist

Meet Ashlen! She just joined our team as an Administrative Assistant and we are loving the energy she brings to the office. Asheln graduated from Iowa State University in 2022 with a degree in Animal Science and is excited to expand her knowledge of the animal industry. Her passion for animals started at a young age on her family farm near Albion. She was surrounded by animals and started showing pigs at a young age and was actively involved in 4H & FFA. Today, she has two amazing dogs, Nala & Winston.
After just a week of being here, she says she is inspired by the knowledge of the SVC team and all of their willingness to help each other, no matter what the task might be. When the opportunity to work here came up, she was excited by the prospect, knowing she’d get to use the knowledge she gained in college, as well as do something she loves. Ashlen has been a wonderful addition to our clinic, as she is very driven and thrives in our fast paced work environment!



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Our Mission

Steckelberg Veterinary Clinic is committed to providing high-quality, personal, affordable
veterinary services to our clients. Our team strives to serve small and large animal clients to strengthen
the human-animal bond. Founded in 1960, we continue to be family-owned and work to make a positive
impact in our community.

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