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Meet Our Veterinary Team

Meet the Steckelberg Veterinary Clinic Staff:

Katie Leimbacher, Vet Assistant

If you’ve been bringing your pet’s to us for a while, you might already know Katie. She has been with Steckelberg Vet Clinic since June of 2019, working as a veterinary technician. After moving from Nebraska to Iowa with her husband, Jake, and their two boys, Katie got connected with the clinic through one of her husband’s co-workers. Though Katie worked as a dental technician for 15 years, the move back to Iowa gave her the opportunity to try something new. This experience has allowed her to “learn more than ever expected.”

A Southwestern Iowa native, Katie is the youngest of five kids, with two older sisters and two older brothers. Though she doesn’t come from a farming background, she has always enjoyed gardening flowers and vegetables. Growing up, her family didn’t have many pets, but she fondly remembers one cat that always stuck around, named “Big Momma.” Since joining the clinic, Katie has a new fondness and appreciation for animals she didn’t always have and now has a sweet little barn cat, named Olive.
The one tool Katie cannot work without is her @Sharpie gel pen. She uses the same one every day and we all know which pen is hers! She enjoys the simple little things of the job, like being able to walk a dog on a sunny day or laughing with co-workers when facing a challenge together. Katie says that with each new addition to the team, the clinic just gets better and better. We are so grateful to have Katie with us!

Kristi Mensen, Vet Assistant

Krissy, Soldier, Shep, Kristi – all are one of the same. Kristi joined us as a veterinary technician shortly after graduating from Iowa State University in 2021 with an Animal Science degree. She knew she wanted to work in the veterinary medicine field and, having grown up with livestock, she enjoys caring for animals. She wanted to find a reputable clinic to work in and enjoyed the small town pull of Conrad. After being here two years, she says she wishes more people knew “how awesome it is” to be a part of this small business.

Kristi grew up just a few hours away in Dyersville, Iowa (“from the 52040”) on a dairy farm. One thing people always find cool is that their farm uses robotic milkers. She was raised with two older siblings, a brother and a sister. Her sister is one of her biggest inspirations, pushing her to be a hard worker, think outside the box, and is always open and honest. She has one dog, Brooks, a giant red fox labrador retriever. Kristi is also a member of the National Guard and spends one weekend a month serving our country.

What she enjoys most about SVC, is that there is never a dull moment. She appreciates the thrill of difficult situations and most enjoys working with cattle. Our newest vet, Dr. Peterson, has been one of her more recent mentors and inspirations, helping her to learn more about medicine, especially with small animals, and bringing a lot of knowledge, experience, and patience. But really, she enjoys all of her amazing co-workers and our phenomenal clients.

When asked what makes SVC unique to the community, she didn’t hesitate to blurt out, “Kurt!” He is a great boss that puts time and money back into the community. He treats staff fairly, is open to innovative ideas, and is invested in continuing to grow the business. After a long day in the country, she will return with great energy, joking that “Team 2K” – Kurt & Kristi – is the best (and much superior to “Team MJ” – Mikaela and Joel)!

Mikaela Simpson, Vet Assistant

Many may know Hank…..few may know Mikaela. ;) Mikaela’s rescue pup, Hank, is a timid, red headed, mini-pitty, and is the Steckelberg’s newest front door greeter. While Hank is working upfront with Dee and Jessica, “Mik” typically can be found working in our pharmacy, exam rooms, surgery, or out in the country on farm calls. 

Mikaela is a native to our area. Most of her childhood she resided in New Providence and moved to Conrad later in middle school. Mikaela had several dogs growing up, but one extraordinary dog named Dixie. Dixie was a little more special than the others because of her quirky personality. Mikaela’s dogs started her passion for animal behavior and training at a very young age. Furthermore, Mik continued caring for animals and started walking and managing boarding pets for Steckelberg’s during high school. Advancing her knowledge, Mikaela studied Animal Science at Iowa State University where she found her true passion for animal behavior and shelter work. After Iowa State, she took a job as the Executive Director of the Animal Rescue League in Marshalltown. Mikaela and her boyfriend Austin enjoy fostering animals and spending time with their two dogs Hank and Libby and cat Loki. 

Kurt has been very fortunate to find great employees like Mik. She began working for SVC again in October of 2021. She has been excited to take on a new role as a veterinary technician for our clinic. Mikaela hit the ground running since she has been a part of our growing business. She has been making major advancements to help the clinic run smoothly. She enjoys the uniqueness of everyday life. Some days are routine, but she “enjoys the days where everything is a little out of whack and it keeps you on your toes.” Her role is a bit of a catch all as a job description. Yes, she helps hands-on with the animals, but also communicates with owners, cleans everything from instruments to anal glands, runs blood machines, assists with appointments, orders medications, runs social media, and does a lot of behind the scenes work that you might not notice. 

Mikaela appreciates the cohesive environment and endless learning opportunities. In a vet clinic, nothing is one person's job and there is an opportunity to learn how to do something a new way; keeping an open mind is key with multiple practicing veterinarians.

Katelyn Steinberg, Vet Assistant

Welcome Katelyn, the newest veterinary technician here at SVC! She started with us about two months ago, but she is not new to the field. "Animals have always been my passion. I started working in the veterinary field about eight years ago and fell in love." She advises anyone wanting to enter the field that you do have to work with people just as much as animals, just so they know!
Her favorite part of this industry is getting to meet new people and their pets. She specifically wanted to join the Steckelberg Vet Clinic team because she had heard it was a great place to work with a super fantastic team and a friendly, welcoming environment. After settling in, she says her favorite part of this team is making new great friends and learning about large animal vet care from them.

What most inspires her is her husband. "He is such a motivated individual with a mindset to accomplish his goals. He makes me want to do the same!" Success is a daily goal for Katelyn, and she feels that she has had a successful day when she can go to sleep at night, knowing she made a difference, even just a little one.

A fun fact about Katelyn is that she has five chickens... Priscilla, Petunia, Priyanka, Penelope, and Prudence. She also has two dogs, and one of her favorite hobbies is taking them for nature walks and hikes. The next place on her travel bucket list is Glacier National Park, Montana. She is not currently binge-watching any shows, but Yellowstone is pretty high up there. The one thing she could not live without? Her dogs, of course.

We are so glad to have had Katelyn join us here at Steckelberg Vet Clinic! Make sure to say hi the next time you are in!



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